About us

Mag. Hans-Georg Mayer

  • Study of PR & Communication Sciences, Politics & Marketing
  • Enthusiastic communicator
  • Passion for sales and distribution
  • Skilled negotiator, entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • ...and above all, an interest in people and their projects!

The way is the goal. My experience helps you reach it. 

  • Many years of corporate and agency experience & great expertise as a press spokesperson
  • Experience in dealing with journalists and all facets of PR including crises
  • A dense network of journalists and important opinion multipliers
  • A great deal of passion and experience in locating "communicative treasures" internally and bringing them to the outside world in a targeted manner
  • Track record of many successfully implemented PR projects - from brand building for a large insurance company to communication for tech companies as well as long-time CEO of a Top10 PR agency